Thursday, May 24, 2012

State of the Blog Update


I would provide a summary of some of the recent updates to the blog. It has always been my intention to be a portal to scholarly and institutional resources on pragmatism and American philosophy as well as provide technical and detailed discussions of classical and neoclassical pragmatism.

Recently, I have greatly expanded the number of links to resources on individual thinkers both in English and in the U.S. and throughout the world in their native languages. I would welcome contributions from any readers, even if it is just a small but established reading group, in any language.

Let me give a list of information, most of which has been recently updated.
1.  Societies, institutes, and archives of classical american philosophers and the living traditions.
2.  A similar list to non-English sources world-wide.
3.  A list of journals that frequently publish articles in classical and neoclassical pragmatism.

4.  An annotated bibliography of introductory readings in classical pragmatism
5.  A glossary of terms for my own research program, phenomenological pragmatism.

I hope to keep building all of these in the future.

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