Time, Continuity, Thought

Hills on Time, Continuity, and Thought

C.S. Peirce on Time and Thought
Credit goes to Arisbe: The Peirce Gateway for the original collection.

I have annotated some of the manuscripts differently, since my focus is on time and thought in contrast to thought as semiosis.

Why no thought is an instant.

Consciousness cannot be instantaneous, but must be a process.

Yet another account of why thought takes time.
Introduces the notion that thought is a sign that requires an interpretant.

Time as continuous continuum, not a discrete continuum.
A continuous instant must have parts not confined to an absolutely discrete point.

Restatement of MS 237

“That the significance of thought lies in reference to the future”

"The Law of Mind"
Premier expression of synechism (continuity) and phenomenological temporality

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