Saturday, January 4, 2014

Where I Have Been

Greetings, friends and readers.

I haven't posted in quite some time, and now seemed like a good time to announce that I have secured a full-time position at Des Moines Area Community College. I have given up on the research track, as I refuse to be one of those academics who soldiers on in adjunct and visiting positions. I put my life on hiatus for love of wisdom--I know it sounds trite but I mean every word--and I refuse to do so any longer.

That also means that I have delayed most of my research, as it was fundamental and groundbreaking research in an area lacking much scholarly activity. That means high opportunity costs, and reviewers who haven't read the relevant literature pile onto the problems I already have as a passable writer but mediocre communicator at best.

 I will still be around and invite questions and commentary, but I do not envision posting much in this blog, but who knows?

Oh, and I am writing this notice for one person in particular just to prove a point. Sorry Leon, but it's not you, though I owe you an email!