Friday, April 27, 2012

Summer Reading Group: Deacon's Incomplete Nature

Matt, Leon, and I have been talking about having a summer reading group over Terrence Deacon's Incomplete Nature, which is recent text attempting to explain how emergence in nature is possible.  I have asked those far more familiar than I, the Peirce-L list in fact, what is special about this text, and they said that it gives a good overview of the issues and its unique contribution is its thermodynamic explanation for teleology.

I am inviting readers to join our reading group whether just to follow along or to contribute.  I presume that we will have a reading schedule and have at least one member offer commentary or a precis that will be posted on our blogs.  Please contact myself or Matt if you are interested in being an active member (offering regularly to write a commentary or precis).  I suppose we might start in a few weeks, as the U.S. university semesters come to a close in 2-3 weeks depending on the circumstance.


  1. jh, could you pls point me to where Dewey discusses Whitehead?
    thanx, dmf

  2. Whitehead's Philosophy
    John Dewey
    The Philosophical Review
    Vol. 46, No. 2 (Mar., 1937), pp. 170-177

    Link to Jstor:

  3. DMF,

    Dewey is a terrible historian of philosophy, and should never be trusted as a good expositor, though he may have good things to say. He was an excellent creative thinker and synthesizer.

  4. thanks for the guiding hand