Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Pragmatist Repository is UP!

I finally posted the initial select annotated bibliography of pragmatism. I have more recent versions, but I finally decided to post an old stable version rather than continue promising. If anyone is working on pragmatism, especially valuation, experience, representation, phenomenology, and imagination, then definitely contact me for more updated suggestions.

The link is just below the title bar on the home page.


  1. You might want this link, specifically, somewhere: http://www.american-philosophy.org/resources.htm --Dave

  2. this was interesting:

  3. Thanks, Dave; it's been added.

    I'll add the other article as well. I think I could have been clearer: I'm taking all suggestions for the bibliography, but would really like the linked article as well. I made it sound like I required a link to the article when I did not intend that. So don't be shy in making suggestions.

  4. p.s.

    That article is great! I've been arguing that Dewey had a dialectical naturalism and have found few who could even stand to hear the words let alone argue it! My dissertation implicitly assumes it as a plausible reading, and grows that reading out of the reflex arc concept, emotional theory, etc.

  5. sorry that I missed the point but glad that you liked the article

  6. Missed the point? I don't think you did.

    I put that by a Dewel-Hegel scholar and he wasn't as excited as I am. Btw, the "Dewey is a dialectical thinker" thesis is extremely controversial and very unpopular in the neoclassical crowd. That said, I accept it and think it's amazing that anyone would deny it.

  7. well I had mashed together an article listing that you had posted with your bibliographic efforts.
    I'm sensitive to the ethical need to try and get what people/authors were/are actually trying to say (not to misrepresent their views) but in the long run I'm more interested in what would make things better, what ameliorative/generative uses we might make of their works, there are some ironies in the efforts to canonize pragmatist works....

  8. The bibliography will eventually be an article listing as well; we both mashed them together.

    The reason why I champion the historical point about Dewey, besides its blatant truth, is because I'm also using that historical point as a basis of new work. So, I'm doing precisely what you claim. However, we both know that there's a difference between being consistent with historical traditions and merely appropriating them. I prefer building on the former and minimizing the latter. I am deeply skeptical of anyone who builds a philosophy entirely from appropriation. Yes, it can be done and amazing when accomplished, but too often it's done piece meal. Rorty is a godo example of cobbling together a coherent system piecemeal, but most attempts look like grabs at the buffet line....