Tuesday, August 30, 2011

A Slowing Pace, but a Quickly Coming Treat

As my readers might have guessed, I have slowed down with the onset of the school year.  Since I teach a 5/5 load, I'm quite busy.  I plan to muse upon topics relating to my teaching, which might not be as interesting as the process metaphysics.  To placate those, I tell you that I will be posting on emergent teleology shortly.

What motivated that short essay was Levi Bryant's commentary on Lucretius and statements such as "the anti-teleological orientation of any genuine materialistic naturalism".  Well, Deweyan naturalism is not likely to fit any conventional definition of materialistic naturalism.  (I don't believe that Bryant was implying anything for or against materialistic naturalism given the context.)  Later, he talks about parts, elements, assemblages, etc.  It spurred me to write a short essay explaining emergeny teleology since it shares little relation to the classical view of teleology that he discusses.  Hence, my invocation of the term might be quite confusing.  Although we share the view that what is really "in things" is "powers," I suspect that we differ on what it is to be "in a thing" and what a "power" is.

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