Monday, August 8, 2011

The God Function in Peirce and Whitehead

This is a response in an ongoing dialogue with Leon of After Nature; see The God Function in Peirce and Whitehead.

Leon has not yet convinced me that personalism is saved in the process-perspective discussed.  I would remind all the the personal is not necessarily the human, and in fact in some part must not be else God cannot be personal.

Regardless, he makes many good points and brings together much of what he's stated before.  His points about the "God function" in Peirce and Whitehead are not only correct, but a proper way of talking about the issue.  I've nettled a few about this.

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  1. In the comments at Plastic Bodies,, Leon states what I've been pushing people towards all along. We need to stop equivocating on the term "God."