Thursday, July 25, 2013

Workshop: Idealism and Pragmatism

*Workshop theme:* Idealism and Pragmatism: A History
*Date:* 25th-26th October 2013

The objective of this workshop is to look in detail at how the classical
American pragmatists saw themselves in relation to idealism. We will also
trace the continuing development of this connection through into the
twentieth century, as reflected in the work of figures such as Sellars,
Apel, Habermas, Putnam, Rorty and Brandom.

Registration to attend the workshop is not required. There will be a buffet
lunch and refreshments provided on both days for £9.50 per person per day.
However, you are welcome to bring your own lunch and drink if you prefer.

To register for lunch and the workshop dinner at a local restaurant on the
Friday night (£13 a head) please visit our webpage: The deadline to register
for lunch and/or dinner is 14th October.

We also have a number of postgraduate travel grants available. Details of
these can be found on the webpage. To apply, please download and complete
the form and return to the network administrator Kim Redgrave <>.

This will be the first workshop of the 'Idealism and Pragmatism:
Convergence or Contestation?' network. Details about the network, it's
activities and research can be found on our website<>

Kim Redgrave
Network Facilitator
Idealism and Pragmatism Network
Department of Philosophy
University of Sheffield
45 Victoria Street, Sheffield
S3 7QB
United Kingdom
Facebook Page<>
Twitter <>

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