Friday, June 7, 2013

Need a French Philosophical Translator?

I am looking for more French-language philosophy to translate, since I finished my last project. I would prefer untranslated material that would be helpful for a person (if short) or publishable (if long). I thought I would advertise here--for who knows?

Suggestions, anyone?

I'm well-read in the history of philosophy, the history of continental, and pragmatism, for which I can offer particular expertise. I've published translations on the topics of historic phenomenology, existentialism, and pragmatism, and have unpublished works in neomarxism in addition. For those unfamiliar with translation, this matters because expert knowledge is required for effective translation over and above mere language ability.

If anyone happens to want a page or so of French philosophy translated for a good reason, I'm more than willing to have a good look, though I don't have much interest in translating anything else.

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  1. Graduate students doing something on their dissertation who might want a snippet translated, don't be shy.

    I once sight-translated an article on snakes for a friend of a friend who was a herpetologist. We met over thanksgiving dinner and had a lively discussion of snake reproduction....