Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Introducing a New Blog: The Horizon and the Fringe

Ed Hackett, a colleague of mine, was looking for a new venue and asked if I would join with him on a collaborative blog. Hey, I can't turn down a good conversation, so go check it out.

For now, I plan to do more collaborative and political work there. Most of my readers are not Facebook friends, and I am sorry to say, you've been missing out! I do most of my political commentary on Facebook, and am that guy who seems to read every newspaper just to share with you. Well now you don't need to feel left out! My current content on this blog won't change, e.g., conference announcements, musings upon continental and pragmatist philosophy, etc., but the other blog, through Ed et al, will give you extra doses of analytic, continental, and pragmatist philosophy. And whatever else we come up with.

Just what you wanted, right?
 (Psssst. Say "yes.")

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