Saturday, March 31, 2012

What is an Object?

From my "Limited Horizons:"

In summary, an "object" manifests from the activity of resisting something in the environment. Such activity disintegrates the habitual unity of impulses and frees them to recoil inward as consciousness of the tensive region of experience. The disintegral habits manifest qualitatively and give a sense of their anticipated outlet and felt involvements in the situation.”

In sensation, the act is first.  Sensation is not passive per Descartes, Locke, Hume, etc., but is the result of an activity. Sensation is possible because a bodily act met resistence, wherein that resistence is symbolically encoded by the body.  The body, through habitual memory, registers a given pattern of resistence, i.e., a given disruption in dynamic equilibrium, as a “feeling.”  Feelings are not at first determinate or noetic, but become so based on situational conditions.  Feeling, insomuch as it becomes determinate, becomes felt quality that signals the felt involvements of the situation that become conscious experience.  Feeling constitutes the totality of conscious experience and is the limit-phenomena of consciousness.  A feeling is a moment in time that presents a localized shift in the transactive networks of activity in which the human body is involved, though not the body is not sensitive to all logically or physically possible involvements.  Feeling is our primal conscious attunement to the world, the situation, and nature.

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