Friday, July 8, 2011

Generative Aesthetics

I saw this post on Larval Subjects ( and thought that Peirce already has the basis of a "generative aesthetic."  The triad is generative, and Peirce means it to be a minimal basis of (Kantianish in the early works) categories.

I was thinking, but you also get that in Dewey ... its what I'm working on.  The morphology of aesthetics as the proximate learned basis of an aesthetic is "culture," which as a term signifies linguistically, symbolically, materially, etc. as culture is an activity of nature.  For Peirce--and I would add for Dewey--semiosis is the living of the aesthetic.  It is its generativity.

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  1. "Aesthetic" should be understood in a Kantian First Critique sense....