Thursday, March 21, 2013

William James Society at APA Pacfic

The William James Society will be at the APA Pacific Division Meeting in San Francisco.

APA Pacific Division Meeting, San Francisco
6-9 p.m., Saturday March 30

G9M Meeting of the William James Society

Panel Topic: James vs Peirce on Affective Belief and Rationality

Cheryl Misak (University of Toronto)
Alexander Klein (California State University – Long Beach)
Kyle Bromhall (University of Guelph)
Aaron Massecar (University of Western Ontario)


  1. thanks for the pointer,Religion,WTB_penultimate.pdf

  2. Thanks.

    I just gave a conference paper on how pragmatism is misread. To claim that James is offering a pernicious subjectivism is just to misread james. I'll glare but not object to him being called "sloppy," but only if one assumes contemporary academic standards ... exactly the audience he didn't write for. If he had, he would have been a nobody.

    Misak has a tense relationship with the neoclassicals. They appreciate someone so high-profile going to bat for pragmatism, but her reading of Peirce and pragmatism is ... "under-appreciated" by the neoclassicals.

    1. wasn't endorsing the paper just making it available...