Monday, December 3, 2012

CONF: Metaphysics of Culture and Joseph Margolis


The Metaphysics of Culture
- The Philosophy of Joseph Margolis

Helsinki, Finland
20-21 May 2013

Joseph Margolis’ philosophical career stretches over several decades. A
major figure of contemporary pragmatism, he is especially known for his
systematic defense of relativism and for emphasizing the historical
character of human thinking and inquiry.

This conference is devoted to the different aspects of Margolis’ vast
philosophical work and its contemporary relevance. Its keynote speakers are
Joseph Margolis and Christopher Hookway.

The event is organized by the Helsinki Collegium for Advanced Studies, The
Philosophical Society of Finland, The Finnish Society for Aesthetics and
the Nordic Pragmatism Network.

For more information and the full call for papers, please see the
conference webpage at:

Please feel free to forward this announcement to mailing lists and possibly
interested colleagues.

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