Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Update on Scholarship

An update for those interested.

1.  I finally completed the final revision of my essay on pragmatist aesthetics.  I proposed a theory that explains how imagination extends the environment into the possible.  That is, much of our "intelligence" consists in our ability to convert natural potenticies into anticipated possibilities of action that we may then symbolicly represent and consciously mediate.  The account is processional, phenomenological, realist, naturalist, and pragmatist.

2.  Submitted a long-belated article on a logical problem (contradiction) in Dewey's theory of experience.  The solution also gives a  theory of phenomenological intentionality that is, per above, processional, realist, naturalist, and pragmatist.  Both play nice with science, unlike Husserl.

3.  If you've seen the previous post ....  I'm aiming to try to finish my book this semester; last semester was too hectic for me to do anything--even breath.  1 and 2 are advances well beyond my book, which is a major revision of my dissertation.  By the time the book is done, I hope to have a better handle on the intricacies of creative, processional metaphysics so that I can better defend a realist, emergent naturalist phenomenology.  Most people have problems with the emergence part, as most are epiphenomenolist, i.e., believe that conscious states "free ride" on physical states without a real relation or causal efficacy.

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