Thursday, September 22, 2011

Summer Workshop on Pragmatism at Emory U.



The Emory University Institute for the History of Philosophy will host its
fifth annual summer workshop on June 4–14, 2012 on the topic of “Peirce,
James, and the Origins of Pragmatism.”

Summer Workshops are designed to bring together a group of faculty scholars
specializing in specific areas of the history of philosophy for seminar
style workshop sessions focused on a shared reading list. Ten participants
and the co-directors meet in mornings and afternoons over the course of two
four-day weeks for directed discussions and participant led close readings.
The workshop format eschews the delivery of conference-style papers in favor
of a more open and group-based engagement with the texts at hand. In so
doing, the seeks to foster conversations that will inform future scholarly
work within the greater philosophical community. IHP’s past workshops have
focused on Vico and the Humanist Tradition, the Origins of Modernity,
Nietzsche and Heidegger on the issue of history, and religion and philosophy
in Neoplatonism.  This year’s readings will draw on seminal writings by
Charles S. Peirce and William James. The focus will be on Peirce’s
pragmaticism, semiotics, and logic, and on James’s pragmatism, psychology,
and ethics. The goal will be to situate pragmatism within the history of
philosophy, to understand the similarities and differences between Peirce
and James, to grasp connections between issues in epistemology and ethics,
and to assess the contemporary importance of pragmatic philosophy as it
draws on Peirce, James, or both. The workshop will use critical edition
texts by both Peirce and James.

The Institute is pleased to provide room, board, and travel expenses for all
participants accepted into the workshop. Guests will be housed near Emory’s
campus center, within easy walking distance to the central meeting location
in the Philosophy department.  A number of optional dinner excursions into
various neighborhoods of Atlanta are also planned.

To apply, scholars should send a cover letter addressing the relevance of
Peirce, James, and pragmatism
for their current and/or future scholarly work, and a CV to Professor Stuhr
at the address below by electronic or physical mail. The application
deadline is 13 January 2012 with decisions announced 1 February 2012. The
co-directors for 2012 are:

John J. Stuhr
Department of Philosophy, Emory University
214 Bowden Hall, 561 South Kilgo Circle
Atlanta, GA 30322 USA /

Vincent M. Colapietro
Department of Philosophy, Penn State University
240 Sparks Building
State College, PA 16802 /

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